Thursday, June 14, 2012

tanning tips

  oh my goodness, i've been enjoying the spring so much that i haven't had a chance to write!  i have been thinking about you all and have a fun little segment as the summer starts.
  for some of us, the sun's rays are very beneficial and energizing (some constitutions don't require sun and for others it can be harmful). like anything else, it takes a little work to obtain a healthy and radiant glow. for those who are friends with the sun, here are my tips on getting some great vitamin d and warm color.
1. use product in excessive doses, the sun can damage skin and cause wrinkles, so it's important to use hats  and the appropriate spf. apply spf first before any tanning aid. its been said that any spf over 30 is pointless, so just make sure you use a paraben-free one to prevent burning. (i apply sunscreen on my face regularly and on my body if i will be exposed for an extended amount of time) next step is your tanning aid. if you are short on time, i love using this maui babe browning lotion as the coffee accelerates absorption but keeps you hydrated. be careful as it will stain fabric, so this one's best used away from the pool. for straight oils, i like pure coconut oil and hawaiian tropic spray. the spray's good for posterior application when a friend isn't able to help you out :) keep your skin moisturized to prevent any peeling.  there's no harm in using a little self-tanner to even out, by the way.
2: timing is everything the sun is strongest between 11a-2p. for your first couple of times out, i would recommend laying out 30 minutes outside of that window, so that your skin doesn't go into shock. once you start laying out in that prime time window, you can go up to 1 hour total. to build a nice base, 40 minutes total at 3 times a week for a couple of weeks is good. once you have your base, you won't need more than 20 minutes per session a couple times a week to maintain. with that base and a good spf, you will also be able to hang out poolside or at the beach and not worry about burning ever!
3. think even and turn turn turn! like anything, consistency and balance is key. so if you plan on laying out for 40 minutes, make sure to split your time between laying on your stomach, on both sides and on your back. this is easy to do when you're with friends, then you can play a game of chess, chat or read. if you fall asleep, make sure you have a way to wake up when its time to turn.
4. know your limits don't rush into getting a dark tan right away by staying out for longer than the suggested times. that will only burn your skin and poison you. intuitively, your body will tell you when you have had enough. you can sense what is a good color to maintain and what is appropriate for your skin tone. again, like most things, moderation is best when it comes to tanning.
  and there you have it! if you heed these tips, you will nurture a great, long-lasting and healthy glow that will take you through the whole season and into autumn!