Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a quickie for the quick

omg! the new busy person's favorite offerings from trader joe's must be their 'gourmet chicken meatballs'! there are two kinds, a spicy buffalo style with blue cheese, and a milder flavored option with romano. all i can say is "thank goodness" for another protein option! making veggies are fun, but sometimes proteins can be challenging if you're on the go in the city. hard-boiled eggs, chicken breasts or string cheese packs for lunch can get really monotonous sometimes.

these little savory balls are made with chicken that's humanely raised without any added hormones or antibiotics and fed 100% veg. and guess what? there are no fillers, gluten or nitrates!!! the sodium level is a wee bit on the higher side, but seriously, all you need is a few of them thrown in with a bowlful of roasted spaghetti squash and peas in tomato sauce garnished with parsley, and you've got yourself a filling, colorful and healthy dish! serve it with a little couscous and you're good to go.

making food for one can be really boring sometimes, and making food for many can be time consuming sometimes. i think i can speak for those of us who like to stay busy, that i honestly do love it if there is prepared product out there that we could really use and appreciate. semi-homemade can be okay sometimes!!