Saturday, March 27, 2010

using pilates to open your chakras

wow it's been a busy month. and because of it, i confess, i've been holding alot of tension in my shoulders and neck. i've been doing my best to strengthen my lat muscles to ease the strain from my upper trapezius muscles (which make up a good portion of the shoulder area). i've also been doing alot of upper back extensions, working on keeping the shoulder blades down.

pilates is incredibly helpful in working the yogic chakra systems of the body which run along the mid line of our bodies from our head to our pelvis. in this photo, a client is in full spinal extension. of the many things she is accomplishing, she is opening up that front hip area by pushing that pelvis forward. although she is in this extension, her powerhouse is still well-engaged, protecting her spine and working her inner organs. as you can see, her head is tilted back all the way as well, opening up that throat area, which is considered the 5th chakra, associated with how one communicates. i guess i had been communicating quite a bit (or not well enough!) because my neck was killing me ;-)

according to the principles of yoga, issues that are dominated by certain body parts are tied to our lifestyle, i.e. the way we live, how we grew up, how we handle stress, you get deeper into your pilates practice, i guarantee that you will find ways to unlock certain tensions in your body that you had never imagined before. you will find a way to control your body and free yourself from being controlled by your body; how's that for process?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a great example of how it all comes together

russell simmons recently blogged about how meditation helps him. he, too, is a yogi. as part of his "seva" (service), he supports organizations that teach displaced members of society the method of transcendental meditation.

i love these examples of really high profile people who make the effort to stay connected. enjoy!