Monday, January 4, 2010

the method

new year greetings! here's to a 2010 filled with the fulfillment of all of your desires!
at the end of last year, i was carrying quite a bit of tension and grief in my lower back. every day for over two months, this area would tighten up and i found myself in a lot of pain with very little mobility. the only relief i found was through my pilates practice, specifically with mat work and leg springs. as i worked my powerhouse, my lower abdominals engaged to pull the burden and brunt of the stress away from my lower back. i was able to stand up straighter and go about my busy days without grimacing.
pilates is so much more than a workout. it is a method through which one can achieve better living - a better quality of life. the stronger our powerhouses are, the better we are able to deal with life's challenges and stress-triggers. 90% of illnesses are triggered by stress - thankfully by now, this is no longer a secret! a regular pilates practice will help you stay healthy and get stronger to better handle a dynamic and exciting life. hope to see you in session soon!