Wednesday, June 2, 2010

matters of my heart

i am sharing my humble experiences and reflections today. between the excitement of entertainment through basketball playoffs and the tragedy of the most massive oil leak in united states history, i don't know whether to be extremely sad or girlishly giddy. i find myself wanting to cry but unable to.

in times of joy, we come together as a people, in times of loss, we come together just the same. when our loved ones are ill, we love simply.

we continue to through some startling changes in nature and are forced to face our responsibilities to one another and to this earth that we are blessed to be a part of.

i find myself appreciating my fellow human more, aiming for a sincere connection and opening my heart as much as i can. these times are calling me to service, way beyond my duties a pilates teacher, way beyond my passion as a yogi and way beyond my motivation to help those who experience extreme hardship. i find myself thinking so grand that i have to go back inside and within, because that's where the true answers and true peace lie.

if we can all just today appreciate each other as we do during these extreme times, then we will be able to honor our life on this earth dutifully and diligently. i guess my point is pretty simple. we shouldn't need these extremes to motivate our actions. if we can just keep a steady stream of thoughtfulness, selflessness and presence as a community every day, then we'd be in a better place all together.

namaste, love and light